About Vodatec Ghana Group

Vodatec Ghana Group is a wholly owned Ghanaian company operating under the following subsidiary names; Vodatec Security Company Limited, Vodatec Hygiene Services Company Limited and Vodatec Farms Company Limited. Vodatec Ghana Group aims to position itself as the industry standard across all its business ventures. We pride ourselves on helping our clients create value and a competitive advantage.

  • To become a proactive and intelligence driven leader in the private security industry in Africa/world through leadership, agility and integration.
  • To be value-driven plant and animal produce company in the world through modern agricultural mechanism and being ecologically friendly.
  • To become the leading provider of cleaning and waste management services and products to homes and offices in Africa /world with a hygienic mindset.
  • To protect people, properties and cyber systems by leveraging on investigative capabilities and intelligence community information technology enterprise through dedicated and highly motivated staff to create value for our clients within applicable laws.
  • To cultivate and supply world class standardized plant and animal produce leveraging on technology and supply chain systems with environmentally sound process and methods.
  • To exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering first class cleaning and waste management services through modern equipment and efficient systems.
  • Uncompromising personal integrity and institutional integrity
  • Respect for the dignity of all those we protect
  • Intelligence driven mindset in all our operations
  • Exceed Customer expectations
  • Build a happy office environment
  • Dive on the grenade
  • Ethical and lawful business conduct
  • Entrepreneurship spirit
  • Make the environment our friend
  • Drive change
  • Accountability
  • No Takers Allow
  • Create Value for Businesses

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